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Bubble Cup Milk Tea | BubbleCup MelbourneBubble Cup Milk Tea | BubbleCup Melbourne

About Bubble Tea Shop | BubbleCup Melbourne

BubbleCup was launched back in 2002, and was among the very first bubble tea in Melbourne.

Our aim is to bring fun and flavour to you. We do our best to ensure quality and affordable bubble tea. This is our taste the difference promise.

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Our Promise

Our Promise | BubbleCup Melbourne | Bubble Milk Tea Australia

You Deserve Better Beverages

We are a committed to not only provide the best beverage experience but also quality. Our teas are sourced from directly from Taiwan and we brew it fresh daily. We make your drinks when you order it and in front of you. And we are constantly searching for better quality ingredients and fresh new tastes that we can bring to you.



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